GWEP Webinar: Deprescribing

  • Review a case example
  • Explain the process of deprescribing
  • Assess a patient’s need for deprescribing
  • List at least two services provided by Senior PharmAssist

GWEP Webinar: Improving Care Transitions

  • Define the core principles of high quality transitions of care
  • Describe a model for improving transitions in primary care practice
  • Identify community-based resources to improve transitions of care

GWEP Webinar: Accounting for Health Literacy in Primary Care of Older Adults

  • Acknowledge that healthcare is complex and problems with understanding and adherence are universal
  • Describe the association of low health literacy with poor health outcomes
  • Identify strategies for enhancing communication in practice to optimize a person’s experience and outcomes

GWEP Webinar: Medication Safety: Preventing Adverse Drug Events and Improving Transitions of Care

  • Define and classify medication errors and preventable medication-related harms
  • Identify medication-related quality measures for various care providers and settings
  • Identify opportunities to engage community pharmacists in health care improvement
  • Explain the difference between medication therapy management and medication management
  • List at least 3 community resources for medication management

GWEP Webinar: Living with Dementia: Safety, Security, and Staying at Home

  • Describe the balance between autonomy and safety in caring for people with dementia
  • List methods for improving safe management of finances and medications
  • Develop a plan for maintaining home safety
  • Implement measures to reduce falls among people with dementia

GWEP Webinar: Dementia: Recognition and Initial Assessment

  • Describe the scope and impact of dementia
  • Develop a strategy for improving case recognition of cognitive impairment using questionnaires, structured assessments and specialty referrals
  • Communicate effectively with older adults and families with suspected cognitive disorders
  • Identify resources to help seniors and families cope with cognitive problems

GWEP Webinar: Improving Skilled Nursing Facility to Home Care Transitions

  • Define the core principles of high quality transitions of care from SNF to home
  • Describe a process and model for improving SNF to home transitions that engages teams from facility, health system, community and PC practice 
  • Identify a role for options counselors in aiding the transitions process

Geriatric-Competent Care - Caring For Individuals With Alzheimer’s Disease And Related Dementias (2016)

The Geriatric-Competent Care Webinar series – Caring for Individuals with Alzheimer’s Disease – developed by the American Geriatrics Society in collaboration with Community Catalyst and The Lewin Group, hosted by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) Medicare-Medicaid Coordination Office Integrated Care Resource Center, is designed to help health professionals in all settings and disciplines expand their knowledge and skills in the unique aspects of caring for older adults with Alzheimer’s disease and in working with their caregivers.  The webinars are also intended for fro

Geriatric Resource Team Workshop

We are all striving to improve the quality of care we provide our older patients. This is hard work in this age of complex problems and even more complex systems. One key to better care is a better team. Healthcare practitioners need to work together and communicate effectively as members of interprofessional teams to solve problems. However, many practitioners have never had formal training in effective Interprofessional practice. This workshop provides that training for teams striving to improve their performance.

Dementia Roundtable to begin September 30, 2015 at Durham Technical Community College

The Dementia Roundtable will begin this academic year on September 30, 2015.  It will be held at the Durham Technical Community College,  1637 East Lawson Street Durham, NC 27703 (919-536-7200) and co-sponsored by the Durham Technical Community College Health Technologies Department. The session will be held in the Multi-Purpose room (room 1103), Phail Wynn Jr. Student Services Center (Park in Lot A and take crosswalk across the street).