Butler Lecture - Biomarkers and diagnosis of Alzheimer’s Disease

 This year, the Butler lecture will be given on May 8, 2013, by Ronald Peterson, MD, PhD, who will be discussing his work on biomarkers and diagnosis of Alzheimer’s Disease. If you can’t make it to Washington that day, the event will be available online.  The lecture will be broadcast on the NIH website, at .

Delirium Teaching Rounds - Topic: "All in the Family: Family Education on Delirium Prevention

Ms. Karen Pagnotta will present "All in the Family: Family Education on Delirium Prevention" at the next Delirium Teaching Rounds, September 13, 2013, from 12 - 1 pm, in the Duke Medical Center Library, room 212C.

Grand Challenge in Dementia Care

Geriatric Grand Challenge Institute

The Geriatric Grand Challenge Institute (GGCI) is an inter-professional continuing education experience that will facilitate the bringing together of diverse perspectives and skills to create a critical mass of health care professionals who will be well prepared to meet the challenges of caring for people with dementia

Improving Care through Interprofessional Collaborative Practice - Three Part Workshop Series

We are all striving to improve the quality of care we provide our older patients. This is hard work in this age of complex problems and even more complex systems. One key to better care is a better team. Healthcare practitioners need to work together and communicate effectively as members of inter-professional teams to solve problems. However, many practitioners have never had formal training in effective inter-professional practice.

Interdisciplinary Delirium Teaching Rounds

Care of patients with or at risk for delirium requires the coordinated work of an interprofessional team.  Too often, health care professionals are educated about delirium only in the context of their own profession.  The Duke GEC seeks to change that practice.  We offer Delirium Teaching Rounds every second Friday at 12 noon.  This series of interactive, case-based conferences brings together learners of different levels from a variety of professions, including nursing, pharmacy, medicine, physical and occupational therapy, physician assistants, social wor