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The Duke Geriatric Education Center is committed to bringing together inter-professional educators and clinicians to advance the quality of care older adults receive across the care continuum.  We hope to engage educators, clinicians, and learners in a variety of activities to specifically enhance the prevention, recognition and management of delirium while also focusing attention on the complexity that is inherent in the care of older adults. We encourage you to contact us with your questions, comments or ideas of how best to meet the educational needs of our inter-disciplinary students and clinicians.

Please feel free to contact:

Michele Burgess, M.C.R. P.

Education Program Coordinator

Phone: 919.660.7577

Fax: 919.668.0453



Primary mailing address:
Duke University

Center for Aging/Division of Geriatrics

201 Trent Drive DUMC 3003

Durham, NC 27710

Telephone directory assistance: 919-684-8111