Senior PharmAssist

In 1992, a task force of the Durham County Hospital Corporation conducted a needs assessment and feasibility study for a pharmaceutical assistance program for senior adults. They concluded that two public health issues needed to be addressed:

  • financial access to medications for seniors with limited incomes
  • and polypharmacy – the use of multiple, sometimes unnecessary medications.

Senior PharmAssist was created to address those needs in Durham and began serving participants in June 1994 as a program of the Coordinating Council for Senior Citizens. In 1998, our agency amicably separated from the Council to become an independent organization.

From day one, Senior PharmAssist has combined medication access with medication therapy management to ensure that our participants are receiving the medicines they need and avoiding those they don’t need. We also furnish individuals with tailored referral to other community resources that can save them much-needed funds and address other significant needs. In addition, we help Medicare beneficiaries in Durham County understand and make informed decisions about traditional Medicare (A and B), supplemental coverage, Medicare Advantage plans, employer-sponsored retiree coverage and Medicare Part D.