CAM-ICU Assessment Demonstration Videos

This is a collection of 3 videos that demonstrate administration of the the CAM-ICU that were reviewed by the Duke Geriatric Education Center faculty. The videos each last between 3 1/2 minutes and 5 1/2 minutes. Two of the three videos use simulated patients, and the third (Vanderbilt ICU Delirium site) uses real patients. Each video is filmed in an ICU setting, and each has realistic sounding background noise from the ICU. The first video (Page) does a good job of explaning how to use the findings from the demonstration to rate the exam. The second video (Cutler) includes highlights of DSM-IV criteria for delirium, and also provides a realistic "backstory." The third video uses real patients, but does not include the explanatory material.

Page -CAM-ICU Assessment Demonstration:

Cutler -CAM-ICU Delirium Video:

Vanderbilt ICU Delirium Videos:




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