Inter-disciplinary Delirium Teaching Rounds

Care of patients with or at risk for delirium requires the coordinated work of an interprofessional team.  Too often, health care professionals are educated about delirium only in the context of their own profession.  The Duke GEC seeks to change that practice.  We offer Delirium Teaching Rounds every second Friday at 12 noon.  This series of interactive, case-based conferences brings together learners of different levels from a variety of professions, including nursing, pharmacy, medicine, physical and occupational therapy, physician assistants, social work, speech pathology, dentistry and nutrition.  Attendees work through real cases and exchange ideas with colleagues from other disciplines to reinforce their understanding of key concepts.  Sessions are taught by GEC faculty and experts from all professions.  Topics to date include post-operative delirium, delirium in LTC, medication management, pain control and recognition.  Look for information on upcoming sessions under “Events.”

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